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Bildung und Teilhabe (Education and participation)

Bildung- und Teilhabe

Children, adolescents and young adults who receive unemployment benefit II, social benefit or social assistance or whose parents receive child allowance or housing benefit have a legal right to educational and participation benefits.

That means they’re entitled to participate!

For example on day trips/class trips and lunch at school and daycare, with music, sport and games in clubs and groups. There may also be an entitlement to benefits from the education package if the child or its parents do not receive unemployment benefit II, but cannot cover the child’s specific educational and participation needs. For recipients of social benefit, social assistance, child allowance or housing benefit, the district office is the right place to go when it comes to education and participation packages.

What exactly does the education and participation package include?

Assumption of the costs for one-day school trips and school trips lasting several days, provision of personal school supplies (EUR 150 each year), school transport costs, learning support (tutoring), participation in social and cultural life (EUR 15.00 per month).

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Bildung Und Teilhabe Antragsablauf

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Download and fill out an initial application if you are applying for the first time.

Complete application for download (initial application) Appendix 4

Download and fill out a follow-up application if you submitted an application last year and want to submit another one this year. Please note that Appendix 5 must be completed by the school teachers for each individual subject.

Complete application for download (follow-up application) Annex 4 + Annex 5


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